12 Reasons why every project must partner up with a security researcher

1. Cleaning Up Low-Hanging Fruit

Security researchers excel at identifying and addressing the most obvious vulnerabilities within a project's codebase. These "low-hanging fruits" are often the first target of attackers. By eliminating these vulnerabilities early, projects can significantly reduce their risk profile with minimal effort.

2. Adherence to Best Development Practices

A partnership with a security researcher ensures that development teams are guided by best practices tailored for security from the ground up. This includes coding standards that avoid common pitfalls and patterns that may lead to vulnerabilities, fostering a culture of security within the team.

3. Enhanced Testing Suites

Security researchers can assist in developing comprehensive testing suites that go beyond functional testing to include security-specific scenarios. This ensures that the software is not just working as intended but is also resilient against known attack vectors.

4. Detailed Security Plan

Having a detailed security plan in place can save projects a significant amount of funds and time. Many projects realize too late that their codebase is not ready for an audit, leading to costly and time-consuming revisions. A security research partner can help create a roadmap that prepares the project for auditing efficiently.

5. Internal Audits Before Public Audits

Conducting an internal audit with a security research partner before engaging in a public audit allows the team to clean up the codebase. This means external auditors can focus on more sophisticated abusive techniques, ensuring a more thorough examination of the project's security posture.

6. Network Connections

Security researchers often have extensive networks, connecting projects to other reputable audit firms and companies, enabling preferred services. This network can be invaluable in navigating the security landscape.

7. Marketing Presence

A partnership with a respected security researcher enhances a project's marketing presence, signaling to potential users and investors that the project takes security seriously.

8. Connections to VCs

Security researchers often have connections to VCs, which can be beneficial for projects looking for investment. These connections can open doors to funding opportunities and valuable partnerships.

9. Ongoing Advice for Developers

Security researchers can provide ongoing advice to development teams, ensuring that they are aware of the latest security trends, threats, and mitigations.

10. Emergency Support

In the event of a security incident, having a security research partner means having expert support on call. They are always up to date with the latest hacks and can quickly assess if a project is vulnerable, providing crucial support during emergencies.

11. Fair Assessment of Audit Costs

Security researchers can provide an unbiased assessment of audit costs, ensuring that projects are not overpaying for security audits. This can save projects a significant amount of money in the long run.

12. Bug Bounty Programs and Attack Surface Assessment

Finally, a security research partner can help set up effective bug bounty programs and determine the project's attack surfaces. This proactive approach not only helps identify vulnerabilities but also engages the wider security community in protecting the project.

RT for awareness such that in 1 year from now every project has a researcher as partner.